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Language Detector

Use our free language identifier to detect the language of a text document or file.


What is a language detector?

A language detector scans the input to identify languages in a given text. This specific language detector is based on Text's publicly available language detection API.

Language detectors are commonly utilized in natural language processing tasks, such as text classification, information retrieval, and language-based analysis, to efficiently handle multilingual data.


To identify a language, paste your text data into the page input and click the "Detect" button. The longer your text, the easier it will be to detect the language.

The language identifier will scan your text and provide the following output in the answer below the input box:

  • identified language
  • simplified language code (for example, "en" for English)

Our language identifier can understand 176 languages. The complete list is available in our documentation and the following file.

The developer documentation for language detection is available in the Text Platform docs. It's a part of the Text API designed for online messaging solutions.

The language detection API can receive additional information through customization parameters. For example, you can specify the maximum number of predictions and their threshold.

Yes, our language detection model is designed for online and real-time messaging tools. It can be used for chat applications and traditional asynchronous messaging.

Currently, there's a demo limit of 5 language detections.

If you intend to detect languages with a higher resource demand, we recommend logging in to the Text Platform Developer Console and building a custom solution using our public API language detection model.

Note that even though our language identifier API can detect 176 languages, this specific tool returns only one result: the language with the highest probability of being used in the provided text.