Authorization Overview


To interact with the LiveChat or HelpDesk APIs, you need to provide an access token. The app you're building needs to obtain the access token from the user in order to call the APIs on the user's behalf.

Global Accounts

Before you jump into implementing an authorization flow in your app, make sure you understand what Global Accounts is.

  • Global Accounts
  • Global Accounts API

Authorization tutorials

Read about different authorization flows you can implement in your integration.

Video explainers

If you'd like to see the authorization flows explained live, watch our video tutorials on that topic.

Agent Chat API authorization

Sample authorization apps

We've prepared two apps with fully implemented authorization flows. You can test them, experiment with them, or modify their code and extend their functionality:

The apps demonstrate how to implement two flows from the Accounts SDK: the popup flow and the redirect flow.

To learn more about the sample apps and implementing Accounts SDK, read our blog post.


Scopes define access to certain resources. Your app will ask users for access to those resources during the installation.



Common questions and problems related to authorization.

Authorization FAQ


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