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Open Chat Widget

A beautiful tool for creative designers
and demanding developers

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Top features overview

<iframe> Apps

Dead-simple yet powerful way to brighten up your chat widget. Embed apps right into the conversation!

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Chat widget is a part of online experience. Fine-tune its behaviour so it works as expected.

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Rich Messages

Go beyond plain text. Spice up your chats with playful, interactive elements.

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Get the whole package

One elegant Chat Widget for
a multitude of use cases

Embed it on a website, an e-commerce store, web or mobile apps. Provide one, unified, and pleasing point of contact for customers across all interfaces.

Chat widget for a multitude of use cases

Fully accessible

Chat Widget is now compliant with the WCAG 2.1 AA standard. Screen reader support, keyboard navigation, and color contrast adjustments will make your business more inclusive.

Chat widget for a multitude of use cases

Mobile-first, performing
better than ever

Our Chat Widget works like a charm on all mobile devices. On top of that, it’s lighter, works quicker, and it won’t slow down your website.

Chat widget for a multitude of use cases

Discover the
API possibilities

Build your own chat widget from scratch

We provide a powerful Customer SDK, which allows you to build all kinds of chat widgets – from very simple to sophisticated web apps. We use the same SDK to ship the native Widget!

See the SDK docs
Chat widget for a multitude of use cases

JavaScript API Playground

See how easy it is to implement custom calls on the Chat Widget. The power is in your hands — perform simple actions that enrich the user flow or build an advanced custom experience from the ground up.

Open Sandbox
Chat widget for a multitude of use cases

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Downloaded 1M times every three minutes

Hundreds of thousands of websites use our widget to provide the best quality of customer care. Our servers handle millions of chats every week, all of which started in the same widget.

There's no substitute for experience

Shipped with SKDs

Shipped with SDKs

Get the same SDKs we build the native LiveChat Widget with. No private APIs!

Shipped with APIs

Equipped with APIs

Chat Widget JavaScript APIs let you integrate it in your project.

+21 years in active development

+21 years in active

The very first version of our widget remembers 2002. Do you?

Tailor our Widget
to your brand

A chat widget is the company’s front desk. Make it look & feel the
way a company would like to be remembered. Be creative!

Build a chatting experience that matches your brand

Build chatting experience