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A unified operating system for teams
that value productivity

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Top features overview

<iframe> Apps

Embed apps and widgets in various locations of the Agent App. Provide new tools for users and agents.

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Private automations and schedulers can save loads of time. Integrate LiveChat with in-house software via webhooks.

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Design System

Bootstrap your apps and widgets in no time with ready-to-use React components or pure CSS.

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Get the whole package

One control center for the
entire team

Easy to integrate with 3rd party software and in-house solutions. Multiple integration interfaces allow for building an ideal working environment that helps to stay productive.

Chat widget for a multitude of use cases

Built with open-source
Design System

Use the same building blocks we do. Build new features for LiveChat that look and feel exactly as if they were shipped natively. Don’t waste your time on developing the UI from scratch.

Fully accessible chat widget

+100 000

users are chatting via Agent App every day

Proudly handles 30M conversations every month

Hundreds of thousands of websites use our widget to provide the best quality of customer care. Our servers deal with millions of chats every week, all of them handled with the same Agent App.

Tailor-made to suit your needs

Shipped with SKDs

Well-designed & battle-tested

Get the same SDKs we build the native LiveChat Widget with. No private APIs!

Shipped with APIs

Webhooks and automations

Set up webhooks to automate work and integrate with in-house software.

+21 years in active development

Open for apps & integrations

Extend the LiveChat App with public or custom-built integrations that suit your team’s needs.

Personalize your workflow
with customizable solutions

We built LiveChat App so it supports efficient and productive work
of customer service reps.

Tailor the Agent App
experience to your needs

We provide a set of real-time Messaging APIs, which allow you to
build an agent app from the ground up. Build chatting web apps
for all kinds of purposes.

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Omnichannel API

Open messaging protocol for all types of communication.

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Reporting APIs

Build data-driven dashboards and advanced reporting tools.

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Open Chat Widget

Beautiful widget for demanding developers and designers.

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Make teams happy with
the tools they use