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Building apps crash course

Learn the ins and outs of app development and become an expert in building apps with the LiveChat Developer Program.

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About the course

We created The Practical Guide to Building LiveChat Apps to make your beginnings in the marketplace apps industry a tad easier. We’re really excited to share general tips on programming straight from our developer teams, but also, teach you how to build an app with the Developer Program from A to Z.

From this course, you’ll get legit coding advice, techniques, and see practical tools we use on a daily basis in our own work. We’ll also provide you with resources required to progress through the episodes, as well as materials useful for your further individual work.

What you’ll learn

  • How to create an app from start to finish
  • Best programming practices
  • How to effectively use the LiveChat API
  • Superb developer tools to facilitate your workflow
  • Different hosting options and how to use them
  • How to excel at LiveChat app review
  • Monetization options at LiveChat Developer Program
Thomas de Becdelièvre, SnapCall

"Within a month of work and the help of the LiveChat team, our developers were able to deliver a fully functional beta version"

Thomas de Becdelièvre

Co-Founder & CTO, SnapCall

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Aleksandra Kacperczyk
Aleksandra Kacperczyk
Developer Education Leader
Oliwia Połeć
Oliwia Połeć
Developer Education
Artur Frącala
Artur Frącala
Engineer at Developer Education
Jędrzej Masternak
Jędrzej Masternak
Developer Relations
Kamila Tokarska
Kamila Tokarska
Developer Education


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