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API Usage is your new reliable assistant for monitoring your apps’ statuses and performing various development management actions.

Everything within reach

Detailed reports

See precise information on your API usage, requests, and the API methods your apps use. Monitor the number of API calls, including the details of the app that sent them.

Personal Access Tokens

One simple way to create and edit your Personal Access Tokens for an easy and convenient API authorization.

Billing information

Access and manage your current billing details and information. Thanks to the detailed requests reporting, you’ll be able to easily see where to cut down on potential expenses.

Use our APIs to build

Private solutions

Build private apps for your team to seamlessly integrate any external tools and processes into your Text products.

Public apps

Develop apps for the Text Marketplace and present your solutions to a vast audience of more than 40,000 customers.

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  • Messenger
  • Slack
  • Mailchimp
  • Instagram
  • Shopify
  • Google
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Whatsapp
  • Chatbot
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Our APIs and SDKs cover a multitude of use cases

Omnichannel solutions

Access the same development resources that we use to build our products and integrate LiveChat with any messaging channel of your choice.

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Chat widget modification

Adjust the LiveChat Chat Widget functionality or build your own custom design based on our robust messaging technology.

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All of the data available in the LiveChat App can be accessed via APIs. Export reports information from your license and pass them to your favorite data management tools.

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Agent App extensions

Personalize your workflow by embedding custom solutions into our open Agent App. With different integration options, you can tailor the experience to your needs.

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Simple billing to cover your needs.

Public applications

All apps available for customers in the Text Marketplace can call our APIs completely for free.


/ 1000 requests

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Customer Chat API

Perfect when you want to build a custom chat widget based on our Customer SDK.


/ 1000 requests

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Private apps and PATs

If you prefer to facilitate our API for private usage without building apps for the Marketplace.

/ 1000 requestsrequests / month






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We won’t charge you for calls made from your public apps, but we will bill you for any calls made from private apps or Personal Access Tokens.

No, you will not need to pay for the API use of apps you’re building for the Marketplace. In case you run out of free API access, reach out to us so we can discuss an individual approach.

At the moment we’re charging only for the following APIs:
- Agent Chat API
- Customer Chat API
- Configuration API
- Reports API
- Webhooks

Yes, each API has the same price per request.

No, there’s currently no option to set a limit on sent requests.

Upon creating your account, you'll receive a one-time topup of $25 to spend on API requests. Once you spend that amount, we'll start charging you for all further requests according to our API pricing.

We charge for all requests sent to our API apart from the requests with a 500 response status.

We’ll be issuing you a monthly invoice by the end of each month. The charges will be collected automatically from your linked credit card.

You’ll find your invoices in the LiveChat Billing section and in the Developer Console. They will also be sent via email to the owner of the organization.