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Marketplace Guidelines

September 14, 2018


The goal of the LiveChat Marketplace is to provide trusted space for high quality LiveChat apps, plugins and integrations.

With over 37,000 businesses using LiveChat every day, we want to make sure that the content we offer in the Marketplace offers tangible value to them and enriches their LiveChat experience. Therefore, all apps in the LiveChat Marketplace must meet our criteria for quality and content.

Please note that our decision to feature your app in the LiveChat Marketplace rests both on the technical requirements and on our opinion on how your app contributes to the LiveChat ecosystem and community. While the LiveChat Marketplace Guidelines covers most of the cases, some exceptions may be allowed at the reviewer’s discretion.

  1. Quality

    We aim to offer only top-quality products in the LiveChat Marketplace.

    Before you submit the app, test it thoroughly to ensure it’s usable and bug-free. Make sure it looks good on desktop, tablet, and mobile for the best cross-platform experience.

    Keep your code human readable, clean, optimized and respects the generally accepted standards.

    Review your app before submission to remove all unused assets, references, etc.

  2. Uniqueness

    We want the Marketplace apps to add to the community and to the LiveChat ecosystem. Multiple apps of the same type don’t do this. Make sure that your app is original and doesn’t directly copy the functions of another product already available in the LiveChat Marketplace. Don’t steal – be fair to other developers, to the community and last but not least, to yourself.

    You must have legal rights to redistribute all parts of your app (images, branding, copy, etc. )

  3. Restricted Content

    As a rule of thumb we don’t accept apps that may be deemed offensive. What we consider offensive includes, but is not limited to:

    • Violence, threats, bullying or harassment
    • Sexually explicit content
    • Discrimination based on nationality, race or ethnic origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability or religion

    The final decision about whether an app or its part is consider offensive rests in the discretion of the reviewer and it’s not up for discussion.

  4. Privacy, safety and data collection

    Please see the Developers Terms to learn all the terms and regulations.

  5. App name

    Make your app’s name descriptive, yet snappy and easy to remember. Keep the name below 30 characters, otherwise it will be truncated. The name should be properly capitalized and use only English characters.

    App description shouldn’t be included in the title.

    If you want to use “LiveChat” in your app’s name, the only acceptable way to do this is “App Name for LiveChat”. “LiveChat App Name” will be rejected.

  6. Description

    The app descriptions help users find your app and decide if it fits their needs. Therefore, the descriptions should be relevant and accurate, properly listing your app’s featured.

    Both short and long descriptions must be included. They must be written in English, but if your app is offered in another language, you can include a translated version as well.

  7. Screenshots

    We buy with our eyes. Consider adding 3 to 5 screenshots to your app’s listing to showcase the most important parts of the app.

    The screenshots should be crisp and clear, accurately picturing your app’s features. The maximum file size can’t exceed 1MB.

  8. App icon

    A good icon will help your app stand out. Design an original icon that represents your app or your brand, make it crisp and readable.

    The icons should have full-bleed background and their size should be at least 240x240px

    Using LiveChat’s logo, its derivatives or fragments in your icon is not allowed.

  9. Support

    Make sure that the users know how to use your app and are never left on their own.

    If your application needs more advanced configuration from the customers, provide a link to a manual. The manual should be written in English and contain all necessary instructions. Keep in mind that not all customers are advanced users, so consider incorporating visuals along with text instructions.

    Always keep your contact details in your profile accurate and check your email regularly.

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