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Omnichannel APIs

Your entire communication in one clean interface

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Open Chat Protocol

Unlock the full potential of omnichannel communication with our flexible and thorougly documented APIs.

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Messaging Mode

Handle both real-time and async communication with just one protocol by switching to Messaging Mode.

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Real-time Messaging

All LiveChat Messaging APIs come with full support for two transports, socket and typical web requests.

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Where convenience
meets accessibility

One common interface for all the channels

Discover the benefits of Text Platform partnership and see how we can grow your brand together.

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Native support within all LiveChat applications

Learn about technological assets powering our industry-leading messaging solutions.

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Web API playground

Chatbots API

Create flexible bot agents that automate your messaging on any integrated channel.

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Open technology stack

Access the same APIs, SDKs, and webhooks that we use to build our products.

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Discord community

Join the community of skilled developers and ease your coding process.

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Fueling omnichannel
communications in Text


Powers the integration
with Apple Messages for Business

We believe in dogfooding, so our native channel integrations use the same APIs we give you. See how we integrated Apple Messages for Business with LiveChat using omnichannel communication APIs.

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Open Agent App

A unified operating system for teams that value productivity.

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Reporting APIs

Build data-driven dashboards and advanced reporting tools.

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Open Chat Widget

Beautiful widget for demanding developers and designers.

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Have all the messages in one communication channel