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New API Usage reports and changes in the Text Platform

Oliwia Połeć, Dec 18, 2023

Text changes: so does the Text Platform. With new development tools and features, we’re working towards becoming a standalone product for developers. We focus on bringing various tools to life that help build outstanding communication solutions for everyone working in customer support.

As the product changes, so does our offer. We believe we offer remarkable solutions for our users, and starting in December, we’ll be introducing a premium paid API.

So what does this mean for you?

If you are a developer who has already published an app on the Marketplace or you intend to build one, any API calls made by these apps will be completely free of charge.

We want to create a mutually beneficial partnership where, in exchange for you offering your product on the Text Marketplace, we give you free access to any of our tools and APIs you might need for this.

However, in case of the internal solutions that won’t be shared publicly, our APIs are a premium product where available for an additional fee.

The pricing is as follows:

Private use:
requests /
Private use:
requests /
Private use:
requests /
Public apps
$0.14 / 1000 requests$0.12 / 1000 requests$0.08 / 1000 requests$0 / 1000 requests

The price is the same for any API that you use. You can monitor all of your costs in the API Usage reports.

And what’s API Usage?

API Usage is a new tool to monitor various Platform and development-related activities. We included detailed reporting for the APIs, so you’ll know exactly what requests and methods you use, divided by the app they were sent from. This will come in handy when debugging potential errors, but you’ll also be able to define where to optimize the code and cut expenses.

For more detailed information about the API Usage reports and API pricing, visit the API Usage page >

If you have any additional questions, to join our Discord for developers. Let’s chat!

Read more about API Usage >

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