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Behind the scenes of the Building LiveChat Apps webinar

Aleksandra Kacperczyk, Mar 25, 2020

As developers, we believe in sharing knowledge and experience. It's what makes our community unique, isn't it? At LiveChat, it's no different. Our Developer Program team is now experimenting with how to create effective webinars.

LiveChat and ChatBot Integration

In November, Michal Cichocki, responsible for Developer Relations, used this format to explain how you can get started building and monetizing LiveChat apps. He’s not a webinar expert (yet!), but we still wanted him to tell us about the experience of hosting a webinar. He’ll also spill the beans about a new webinar he’s currently working on.

Haven't seen it? Watch the webinar here.

Aleksandra: The Building LiveChat Apps 101: Create, publish and monetize your apps webinar was your debut, am I right? What inspired you to go with such a format?

Michal: That's correct, I've never hosted a webinar before. I wanted to create some kind of interactive guide or tutorial. My goal was to show developers how to create an app in Developer Console. Presenting them the code and all the necessary components, such as an authorization flow, Messaging APIs, and Design System in action was my priority. I also wanted to give the audience an opportunity to ask me questions in real time. After taking all these factors into account, it turned out that a webinar was the perfect choice.

Aleksandra: Was the overall experience of creating a webinar any different from what you expected?

Michal: Definitely. I underestimated the time needed to finish all of the separate parts: coding, preparing slides, marketing materials, and rehearsals. Also, the outcome was slightly different, as I had to cut the functional scope while developing the app. Stretching the scope is always tempting, and I think other developers would second that :)

Aleksandra: How did the fact you're not a developer impact the whole undertaking?

Michal: I'm not a developer, and thanks to that, I was able to anticipate which parts might be confusing and explain them in detail. If you're an experienced dev, the risk is you'll assume some things are obvious when in fact they're not.

Aleksandra: You're currently working on a new webinar. What will it be about?

Michal: This time, we'll be building a webhook-based app that connects LiveChat with ChatBot. We'll work with the Agent Chat API, Configuration API, and ChatBot of course.

Aleksandra: Who would you recommend it to?

Michal: The difficulty level will be slightly higher than for the previous webinar. If you're new to Developer Console, I encourage you to check out the previous webinar recording first. But just like last time, we'll go step by step through all the topics. I recommend it not only to developers, but also to anyone interested in integrating with a custom AI mechanism.

The Building LiveChat Apps 101: Connect your bot with LiveChat using webhooks webinar will take place in April. More details coming soon, so stay tuned!

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