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LiveChat Marketplace: how to succeed after submitting an app?

Oliwia Połeć, Apr 8, 2021

Building apps for the LiveChat Marketplace is a great opportunity to grow your business and your customer base. You can even find developer success stories on our Platform Updates, giving tips and tricks on creating an app that customers will love.

Is there a universal formula that will tell you how to develop an application guaranteed to succeed with the LiveChat Marketplace? Have you ever wondered how you can meet customers’ expectations and prepare an app that would fit their needs just right? In this article, we will give you some advice on the topic, looking a little behind the scenes at those apps that are our customers’ favorites.

LiveChat Marketplace apps

Customer service is all about keeping continuous and effortless contact with customers. That’s why it’s essential for all companies that want to stay in touch with their customers to be reachable via different channels. Usually, as many as possible. This is one of the reasons why integrations like SnapCall, 2way SMS, or OAPPS for WhatsApp were so enthusiastically welcomed by the Marketplace customers. These integrations allow customers to contact a business via a convenient call, SMS, or even a quick WhatsApp message. What’s more to add?

Integrations that allow customers to measure data are always a good selection as analytic tools are a valuable addition to all LiveChat licenses. They are universal for most businesses, regardless of the industry. An example of this would be Google Analytics, which allows extending reports offered natively by LiveChat. Apart from Google Analytics, customers also love the Super Vision app, which gives them a lot of insight into their agents’ work in real time.

Being a customer service agent is a challenging profession, so applications that make the daily work easier for your team pay off. You can find a variety of integrations on our Marketplace that fall into this category. Given that each person has their favorite go-to tools, different apps can meet different agents’ needs. Our top picks in this field are integrations like Quick Notes, My Bookmarks, and Chat Translator. All of these combine simple yet essential features. Once you try them out, you won’t get back to the way you worked before.

Customers are more likely to return to your product when their experience with the customer service is pleasant. Sometimes, you need to put a little extra effort into making the chat more enjoyable on both sides. That’s where integrations such as Surveys, Stripe, or Rich messages come in handy. They enrich regular chat messages with interactive elements, like a short survey, payment option, or a graphic button. That’s what catches the eye, and that’s what makes the customer more engaged in chatting.

What's in common?

All of the integrations listed above share a couple of characteristics that make them creditable. As a developer looking to contribute to the LiveChat Marketplace library, these are the features you should aim for your applications to have.

First and foremost, these apps are stable and reliable. Even if you don’t necessarily consider your application revolutionary feature-wise, providing an integration that doesn’t fail the user is one of the keys to success. Reliability is especially vital when you integrate with an external communication channel. Maintain the uptime of your application as high as possible. Customers will value that.

It’s great when an application brings fresh air and is innovative. Researching new services, builders, or channels that LiveChat could integrate with can give you multiple ideas for possible integrations as well.

Customers will trust your app more if they have good contact with the developer. Assure them they can reach out to you any time they experience an issue or have a simple inquiry they’d like to resolve. Being responsive and taking into consideration the feedback from your app users is an instant score.

Of course, there’s still the app review process you need to have in mind. Don’t worry, though! We will give you our best suggestions to perfect your application and make it most desirable for LiveChat customers.

If you’re still looking for inspiration, have a look at our app ideas. It’s definitely a good warm-up option to start coding!

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