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Get Started with LiveChat Sample Apps

Oliwia Połeć, Apr 3, 2023

Looking for a solid starting point to learn LiveChat APIs? We all know that docs are usually one of the best ways to learn a specific technology, but there are times when you just want to see an actual example of something to really grasp the concept.

And yes — we have a solution for that! Discover our asset of various sample apps with plenty of examples of how to use the LiveChat APIs — from authorization to the practical use of API methods. They can help you understand how our APIs work, give you ideas on how to use them in your own projects, and even provide you with code snippets to get you started.

Authorization apps

If you’re a beginner with LiveChat APIs or you simply want to polish your authorization skills — start here! These sample apps introduce you to the methods from Accounts SDK, one of the authorization flows in the LiveChat API. We showcase two different authorization methods you can implement in your apps: popup and redirect.

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All-in-one apps

If you’re ready to take the next step, be sure to review the apps with the implemented API functionalities. Those apps demonstrate how to use different API methods and code them in practice. You’ll see how LiveChat devs tackle the practical use of our APIs, so you can learn their best practices yourself!

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Progress app >
Supervisor app >

Feel free to use all of our apps as guides or sandboxes you can play and experiment with, or even extend them with extra features to your liking!

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