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How the LiveChat Conversion Funnel Looks Like

Jacob Firuta, Oct 2, 2017

How the LiveChat Conversion Funnel Looks Like

When calculating user conversion at LiveChat, we usually take a look at: the number of users that signed up, how many of them installed the LiveChat code and how many users end up converting into customers.

Here’s a chart that shows this funnel with two additional steps: how many users reached the install code step in our onboarding and how many users had a chat after installing our code:

LiveChat user conversion funnel

Chart #1: LiveChat conversion funnel (Amplitude).

The chart shows all licenses that performed this series of events within 31 days of signing up (the trial period in LiveChat lasts 30 days, hence the 31 days).

For this period:

  • about a quarter of signed up users become qualified leads (licenses that installed the LiveChat code),

  • around 6.8 percent of qualified leads convert into paying customers,

  • around 8.5% users never reach the install code step during onboarding,

  • about 8.2% don’t have any chats during trial after installing the code.

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