Live coding: Integrate LiveChat Chat Widget using framework-specific Adapters

Oliwia Połeć in Developer Console on Feb 17, 2022

All website extensions work best if adapted to the framework with which the project is created. Thanks to our Chat Widget Adapters, it’s now possible to integrate the LiveChat Chat Widget with your website using popular frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue.

To celebrate the release of the Chat Widget Adapters and help you understand how to make the best of them, we’re running a live coding session! The event takes place on Tuesday, March 1st and will be hosted by Maciej Walaszczyk — a frontend developer from the LiveChat Product Team. Maciej is actually one of the creators of the Chat Widget Adapters.

This project gives you an amazing opportunity to provide an even more seamless developer experience on your website and, as a result, enhance the user experience your customers have when browsing your page.

Maciej will give you an inside-out overview of the Adapters and build an integration that elevates the Chat Widget experience in his project. To extend the integration features, he’ll also be using the Agent App SDK and Rich Messages.

Let’s meet and code together!

Save your seat

💡 Learn more about Chat Widget Adapters >>

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