Upsell extra resources and premium features

Aleksandra Kacperczyk in Developer Console on Feb 1, 2021

The LiveChat Developer Platform has just introduced support for in-app ugrades, a functionality that opens the door to resource monetization. The mechanism allows you to define app resources that customers can purchase in your application.

LiveChat In-app Upgrades

Users can manage upgrades in the settings of your application or on the LiveChat Marketplace.

Use cases

There are numeorus candidates for in-app upgrades. In general, they will fall into one of these categories: upgrades that can be activated only once or upgrades that allow for increasing the amount of a given resource.

With in-app upgrades, you can monetize a variety of features:

  • creating custom forms or templates
  • unlocking access to a report or analytics info
  • allowing to set up a notification system
  • adding new workspaces or accounts
  • selling packages of extra SMS messages or calls

How to define upgrades

Upgrades are defined per application. To create an upgrade, head to Developer Console and configure the In-App Upgrades building block.

In-app upgrades LiveChat

See our documentation to learn more about in-app upgrade configuration.

See the docs

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