C# library for LiveChat API

Krzysztof Górski in Developer Console on Dec 10, 2015

We have just published the C# library for the LiveChat API. With only two lines of code you can add an agent, create a ticket, start a chat or get the availability report.

Here is an example of how to get the list of all agents:

public class ApiExample
    LiveChatApi.Api Api;

    public ApiExample()
        Api = new LiveChatApi.Api("username@mycompany.com", "API_KEY");

    public async Task GetAgents()
        string result = await Api.Agents.List();

Visit the project website at GitHub, where you can find installation guidelines and more usage examples.

If you are interested in evaluating the LiveChat API using PHP, node.js or Ruby check out the LiveChat REST API website for more information.

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