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Messaging API

Implement event-based messaging for sync and async communication

use cases

live chat apps, chatbots, in-app messaging

Text clustering

Group documents and text fragments by their similarities

use cases

live chat apps, chatbots, in-app messaging

Sentiment analysis

Look for emotions and sentiments in text and messages

use cases

mood detectors, tone adjustment apps

Text analytics

Analyse text and phrases for relationships

use cases

advanced reporting, custom dashboards

Omnichannel APIs

Funnel all the channels into a single messaging experience

use cases

all-in-one communication, messaging super-apps

Text classification

Group documents and text fragments by their similarities

use cases

live chat apps, chatbots, in-app messaging

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The possibility for agents to start a call with the same customer they’ve been chatting with seemed like a feature many businesses could benefit from.

Thomas de Becdeliévre

Co-Founder & CTO, SnapCall

Thomas de Becdeliévre picture

The LiveChat Agent Chat API is really powerful. There’s nice granularity to it. You can achieve a lot with the methods provided by the API.

Jakub Sikora

CEO, Sikora Works

Jakub Sikora picture

I have to admit that promoting integrations with known apps is much easier than trying to market something custom that nobody’s heard of.

Kasparas Galdikas

Cofunder of SKLabs

Kasparas Galdikas picture