Chat Actions

Chat Actions are one of the easiest ways to extend the LiveChat Agent Application. Chat Actions are accessible from the contextual menu (represented by

) in the Agent Application. Use them to help agents speed up their daily work by automating common tasks, such as:

  • opening a link to an external CRM
  • displaying a modal with a form that allows to create a new issue, task, or contact
  • sending a webhook to notify an external service
  • opening an app in the Chat Details section
Chat Actions in LiveChat Agent App

Building block configuration

Creating a chat action is a three-step process. Come up with a short name that describes the action and decide on the action type. There are four action types available:

1. Open a link provided as the Action target URL in a new tab. See what parameters we attach to the URL.

2. Open a modal with an iframe. The modal will display whatever you provide in the Action target URL.

3. Send a webhook to the Action target URL. See what info the webhook will contain.

4. Open a widget in the Chat Details section. To use this option, you need to create an Agent App Widget first. It's a quick way of opening an app without leaving the chat context.

LiveChat Action modal


We attach the following query string parameters to the Action target URL:
&instance_id=0805e283233042b37f460ed8fbf22160  // app's Client Id

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