API Pricing


Our APIs are a premium solution. This allows us to offer a partnership with developers who decide to build apps for the Text Marketplace. Our APIs are available for a fee for users who decide not to share their products outside their licenses.

For developers

Developers who already have a published application, are working on one, or intend to build one soon won’t be charged for their API usage. The APIs are paid only for developers who do not have or intend to build an application for the Text Marketplace.

For private users

When you choose to build private solutions, our APIs are available for a fee. To understand the pricing details and costs associated with using our APIs for private projects, you’ll be charged depending on the amount of resources you use.

The billing for users who decide to build only private solutions and not share them on the Marketplace is as follows:

Private users: 0-75K requests / monthPrivate users: 75K-10M requests / monthPrivate users: +10M requests / monthMarketplace developers
$0.014 / 1000 requests$0.012 / 1000 requests$0.008 / 1000 requests$0 / 1000 requests

Currently billed APIs are:

Common questions

For detailed information about the API pricing and rules, refer to this FAQ:

Will I need to pay for the APIs if I have published an app on the Text Marketplace?

No, if you’re a developer who already built or plans to build an application for the Text Marketplace, we will not charge you for your API usage.

Do I need to pay for the API if I’m currently in the process of building an app I want to publish on the Marketplace?

No, you will not need to pay for the APIs if you’re building an app for the Marketplace.

Do all of the APIs cost the same price per request?

Yes, each API has the same price per request.

Can I set a request limit for my organization?

No, there’s currently no option to set a limit on sent requests.

Is there a threshold of free requests?

Upon creating your account, you’ll receive a one-time topup of $100 to spend on API requests. Once you spend that amount, we’ll start charging you for all further requests according to our API pricing.

Do the new pricing rules apply to already existing customers?

No. Currently, the customers who already have created accounts won’t be charged for their API usage, no matter if they build private or public apps.

Do I also pay for failed requests?

We charge for all requests sent to our API apart from the requests with a 500 response status.

How often will I get charged?

We’ll be issuing you a monthly invoice by the end of each month.

How will I be charged?

The charges will be collected automatically from your linked credit card.

Where will I be able to access my invoice?

You’ll find your invoices in the LiveChat Billing section and in the Developer Console. They will also be sent via email to the owner of the organization.


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