Team Chat API by Text is a backend service that allows for a two-way communication between users using the HTTP protocol (Web reference). It supports the communication between agents/team members, not between customers and agents.


  • Communication can happen on public channels or via direct messages
  • Storing messaging history
  • Users can see messages that were sent before they joined the channel

Use cases

  • Building a custom chat application for internal communication
  • Integrating chat functionality into an existing application
  • Building a chatbot that communicates with team members


What are the differences between Team Chat API and Agent Chat API?

Team Chat API is independent of the LiveChat product, while Agent Chat API requires a LiveChat account. Team Chat API allows for the communication between team members, while Agent and Customer Chat APIs are designed for supporting customer-agent communication.

Can I use Team Chat API to chat with customers?

Team Chat API was designed for building custom chat applications for internal communication (between agents, team members, etc.).

Can I build apps for LiveChat with Team Chat API?

You can use Team Chat API to build apps for LiveChat. But if you want to customize your existing LiveChat account, you might be looking for the Agent Chat API and Customer Chat API.


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