How to monetize apps


Whether your app is already up and running or you're just starting off, the topic of app monetization will eventually cross your mind. If you don't know how to go about generating income from your LiveChat or HelpDesk apps, this is the place for you to start.


Watch the video to get a general understanding of app monetization with Text Developer Program.

Core information

Here's the core info about monetization in Text Platform:

  • You can set up monetization in Developer Console with just a few easy steps.
  • We take care of processing the payments. Then, we transfer your earnings to you via PayPal.
  • The commission is 20%, so if you set the app price to be $10, you will earn $8 net.
  • We offer two billing cycles: once a month and one-time payment. We recommend the recurring payment option.
  • There're two types of payment to choose from: Charge per account and Charge per organization. We explain them here.
  • You can leverage Text Billing API to implement micropayments in your app.

Your role vs. Our role

Specify billing details

The only action on your side is to define the billing model for your app and set up monetization. It's as simple as using the App Monetization Building Block. Payments will be collected automatically depending on the billing cycle you picked.

Get help with marketing

Our part is to help you successfully launch your app. We're ready to support the promotion of your product. We can, for example, present your service on a dedicated landing page, popularizing it among potential customers.

Sample configuration

If you want to know the process inside out, follow the sample configuration we've prepared. We'll use an app named Statistics as our example.

Step 1 Starting in the UI

Make sure you are signed in to your Developer Console. We begin in the Building Blocks tab. This is where we can find the App Monetization tile.

LiveChat App Monetization Block

Step 2 Setting up payment details

What you need to do next is set up the following information:

  1. the price of your application
  2. the billing cycle
    • once a month
    • one-time payment
  3. the type of payment
    • Charge per account - the price of your app will be calculated based on the current number of accounts within a LiveChat customer’s license.
    • Charge per organization - the app will be available for all active accounts within a LiveChat customer’s license.
  4. the trial period

Annual app subscriptions

Some customers will be interested in purchasing an annual subscription for your app. It's possible only for the apps with the monthly payment billing cycle. By default, customers who purchase an annual subscription get a 15% discount, which is applied to the app base price. Then, we calculate the commission (20%) and your net profit (80%). You will be paid for a year in advance.

LiveChat App Monetization Details

Step 3 Creating the app description

Then, go to Listing details and fill in the required fields. This is the place for you to inform about the app and encourage potential users. Make sure to present your app's main functionality and key features.

How to fill in app details
LiveChat Listing Details

Step 4 Testing the app

After that, it's time for you to install the app on your account and test it. You can install it in the Private installation tab.

LiveChat Private Installation Tab
Things to remember when testing the app

Step 5 Submitting for review

When your application is ready, submit it for review. It will be an action point for us. We will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible. At this point you can also mention any important info, such as test credentials or the necessity to create a new account in your service.

If you need help along the way, you can always reach us at

LiveChat review submission

Step 6 Publishing

You'll know that your app is ready for publishing when you see a note saying that the app is accepted. In case of rejection, we'll contact you via email to give you feedback and discuss what needs to be changed.

Publish the app and that's it! Your app will be available on our Marketplace in up to 4 hours.

See all app statuses
LiveChat Publish your app on Marketplace

Look up your revenue

You can check your current account balance in the My Revenue section. You'll find there your current account balance, income history, detailed recent income activity, as well as some statistics on your best performing apps. Also, this is the place to request a money withdrawal.

LiveChat My Revenue Section
LiveChat My Revenue Section

Request a withdrawal

Clicking the request a withdrawal button will prompt to you to send us an email so that we can take care of further billing operations.

The withdrawal process is governed by the rules defined in the Standard withdrawal section.

Standard withdrawal

  • You can request a withdrawal only if there's at least $50 in your account.
  • You can request a withdrawal not more often than once a month.
  • We will handle the withdrawal request and get back to you in up to two weeks.

Monetary prizes

The LiveChat Developer Platform sometimes organizes events in which you can win monetary prizes (hackathons, live coding sessions, etc.). The funds are added to your Developer Account and are referred to as a gift card or credit. To withdraw such funds, follow the standard withdrawal process. Apart from that, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • You're the author of at least one paid application that features on LiveChat Marketplace.
  • Your application was purchased and installed by a customer at least once.

Success stories

Discover the stories of other developers who successfully monetized their applications with the LiveChat Marketplace.


We're happy to provide our support in case you need it. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us at!


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