Monetization Overview


Text Platform provides you with a variety of monetization tools. Depending on your use case, you can simply set a price for your LiveChat or HelpDesk app or build more advanced payment flows. All the payments are processed within the Platform eco-system. You don't need any additional service or payment processor to start monetizing your apps.

Paid Apps

You can create a paid app right within the Developer Console. It's the simplest way to generate revenue from apps installed by LiveChat or HelpDesk customers.

See guide on monetization

In-app Payments

Collect money for purchases made inside your app. With in-app payments you have more granular control on monetizing features of your app.

See Billing API docs

Commission Fee

The commission fee is 20% as a flat fee nevertheless, Text, Inc. reserves its right to discount the fee in case of special circumstances concerning cooperation.

Partner Program API

Our Partner Program API allows you to build your own tools that will help you make a better use of your data. Partner up with LiveChat, and grow your business with the leading customer service platform in the industry.

Partner Program API


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