The Chat Widget Adapters allow you to use the LiveChat Chat Widget with popular frontend frameworks. They combine the best practices for building web applications together with our Chat Widget JS API. Adapters are maintained as an open-source project, so you can see full source code, report an issue or request a feature by visiting the repository.

Is it for me?

If you use React, Vue or Angular to build your website or web application, it may come in handy to integrate the LiveChat Chat Widget using the corresponding adapter. Instead of integrating our JS API to your project manually, you can leverage the ready-to-use component and additional utilities for consuming reactive data from the Chat Widget. We provide an opinionated model implementation for connecting it together with a specific framework. Adapters bind building blocks, such as a component lifecycle and a framework-specific reactivity model implementation, to the JS API methods, getters, setters, and events.

Available adapters

Here is the list of the supported frameworks together with the links to their dedicated libraries:


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